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SAT Full Course (online)



10 1.5-hr teaching sessions: The first 5 sessions are concept-based and are incredibly homework-heavy, while the last 5 are test strategy and practice (the student will take 5 full tests). For summer courses, I recommend doing the first 5 sessions at a quicker pace--2 sessions per week--and then spacing out the second half of the course at one session per week.


30-minute weekly "office hours" sessions to refresh fundamental math, grammar, or reading concepts as the need arises. 


Homework/self-study guidance until the test: I can provide weekly assignments and benchmarks for you to complete after our course has concluded until the date of your test. I am happy to do this if the student requests it. This would not involve video sessions or detailed feedback, but can help with study planning and accountability. 


Final review session: I offer a free review session the week before the test; it is up to the student to contact me about a week prior to the test to set this up.

Recommendation/curation of supplemental topic-based videos (from Khan Academy, etc.) and links to other free online resources as needed.


1 round of College Admissions Essay edits: This includes one 650-word essay or 3 shorter (approx. 350 words each) supplemental essays. I would provide detailed written comments on the submitted draft, and then we would do one 45-minute video consult to discuss the comments. 1 cycle (value: $200) is included in this course package; additional cycles are $175/ea.

NOTE: Additional sessions for anything else can be added on for $150/hr (a discounted rate for those who purchase the full course). 


We will use these, in addition to the Scintilla Reading Method (course packet provided) and supplemental Scintilla materials, to structure our course. We have chosen the following books in particular because we believe they are - BY FAR - the most astute, test-like, and intelligent SAT books on the market. You will be responsible for ordering the correct editions of these books before the start of the course.

(Editions may differ from those below; once you sign up, I will send links to the most current editions)

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 6.11.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 6.10.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 7.04.24 PM.png


Once you contact us, I will call you to discuss the details of the course, confirm, and send the invoice. Your session timings will be confirmed only once the invoice is paid. I will send you a link to our online calendar system to schedule your 10 sessions.


The time slot you have signed up is guaranteed and saved for you. If you do have to make a last-minute change (things do happen, I understand!), let me know and we will do our best to work it out. Except in cases of emergencies, please let me know at least the day before the session, or preferably one week before.


All sessions are conducted over Zoom. It is strongly recommended (but not required) that you come prepared to keep your video on for the entire session.


We will keep track of all test progress and you will view and submit your homework in a GoogleSpreadsheet, which I can "share" with anyone else who wishes to keep apprised of your progress.


Homework MUST be entered into the shared Google Spreadsheet by midnight on the day before the session. I cannot stress this enough! I plan the one-hour session very carefully based on this homework, and it is important that we use our time together efficiently.


I will send the invoice for the payment through PayPal, which means you can pay the amount either by credit card or your PayPal account before we begin the course. I also accept payments through Venmo, which I know is preferable to some--please let me know if you'd like to use that option.

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