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for the Digital SAT
2-week BOOT CAMP

Prepare for the June 1st SAT Test Date

Boot camp schedule

May 20-31, 2024: Mon-Fri: 8-9pm ET

Online on Zoom


Registration deadlines

Early registration deadline: *May 13 ($900)

Regular registration deadline: *May 17 ($1,000)

Late registration deadline: *May 19 ($1,200)


*midnight, Eastern Time Zone


Course description

With live, interactive Zoom sessions, we approach the learning of SAT-level vocabulary as we would the study of a foreign language. A far cry from “texting” vernacular or even much modern American speech/writing, the language tested on the new Digital SAT has proven to be daunting for many SAT test-takers.


In order to facilitate long-term memory retention, sessions take place late in the evening; ideally, this will be the last task students do before bed.


Over a two-week course of daily evening sessions, students will:


  • Commit 500+ vocabulary words to memory

  • Study word roots

  • Use images, memes, and emoticons to keep language fresh

  • Read classic texts and pre-1900s poetry

  • Speak, write, and teach vocabulary for long-term retention

If you have questions, please email Sakina Fakhri at

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